Here Is What You Get When You Sign Up


Live UOA data as it comes out the filter & full access to the UOA database so you ca search and filter for trade opportunities based on various criter


These are trades that I am taking for my own account. Stocks + Both UOA & Non-UOA trades sent by Chat Room & Private Twitter


Full access to the chat room where we trade together and share knowledge and useful tips and info.


Can't make it to the Chat Room? No problem. All trade alerts and live UOA Data are posted in realtime in the private twitter so you can get the info wherever you are.


Every trader needs an edge to be successful long term and you will find that edge here. I have some videos in the members area that lays out one of the simplest and most powerful trading strategies step by step for you.

Auto Trade The Realtime Trade Alerts

You can choose to Auto trade through Global Auto Trading Or AutoShares. After you sign up just shoot me an email and I will tell you how to get set up


The subscription is taken upfront to keep out the "hoppers" who bomb the chat room with pumps and trash. But you will have 30 days to test out the trades. If you don't make any money or don't like how we trade you can request a refund via email within 30 days of the sign up date. Simple.

Click Here to see the complete trade history (scroll down after you open the page). This only covers the Options trades. 

The Stock Trading History/Track record is posted on the Stock Trading section. Scroll across to see the result of each trade. Click Here. 

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Here are just a few things that you need to know about how Ivtrades operates. This info will help you get up and running much quicker.

  • I run the Unusual Options Activity software and trade the ones that meet certain criteria.
  • In addition to UOA I also use two primary methods/strategies to trade. One is a Momentum strategy and the other is Mean Reversion  strategy based on price action, order flow & volume.
  • When I post an alert it will clearly state whether its a “Swing Trade” or a “Day Trade”. All trades will have Entry Price, Stop Loss, Profit Target and a brief note saying why I am taking the trade ( fundamental/technical etc)
  • Since I have a Stop Loss and Profit Target on the trade, I will NOT send an alert to tell you when to get out of the trade. I will ONLY send such a note IF I see that the reason for taking the trade is no longer valid and we need to close out early. Otherwise, I just let the trades play out as planned. So you will need to stay on top of your stops and exits. ( If you are auto-trading, then this does not apply to you). In the end you are 100% responsible for your account management.
  • I trade to make money….I don’t trade for the sake of trading. So sometimes if things are a bit slow it means I am not seeing any good set ups in the universe of names that I follow and where I am competent. As I said, I may venture to trade other names but it is based on certain conditions. So don’t get mad at me if I sit on my hands and don’t trade for a few days/weeks. When I just started out my biggest problem was over-trading and not being patient enough to wait for the right set ups. Now that I have conquered that beast ( for the most part) I am in no rush to get back in that fight lol.
  • I am usually in the Chat room between 7 am EST and 5Pm EST. Most of the traders work 9-5 jobs so only about 10% of our traders participate in the discussions in the chat room. The vibe is usually chill and you simply have to just be respectful and address others the same way you would want to be addressed. You are free to post your trade ideas and ask questions etc.

Welcome aboard & I am looking forward to trading with you. 

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